Blood Fest Poster

The perfect cure for the '80s ski resort movie: a brooding Scandinavian murder drama.

The Exorcist Season 2 Small

FOX's The Exorcist is back for a second season, so how did it kick off?

Lore Cover

Find out the truth behind the lore on Amazon Prime's latest series.

Son Of Sam The Hunt For A Killer Cover

Investigative Discovery’s latest is an insight into one of the worst summers in US history, and the documentary lets viewers relive the insanity felt throughout New York City in 1977.

Channel Zero Season 02 Cover

I'm already messed up. I need my fix of Channel Zero.

The Mist Cover

Kevin and the group reach the hospital just in time to save Bryan. Kevin crosses paths with his estranged brother.

The Mist Cover

New monsters, a new location and some more untimely deaths affect Bridgeville as the mist settles in deeper.

The Mist Cover

Escape plans and alliances are formed as more monsters make their mark in the latest installment of The Mist.

The Mist Cover

John ventures into The Mist for a second time.

Riverdale Cover 07

Let the witch hunt begin.

The Mist Cover

Stephen King's novella turned full length feature now gets its very own television series, filled with cloudy, scary, gory enjoyment.

Blood Drive Cover

We gave Nick the keys to the car, and OF COURSE he went on a Blood Drive!

Jordskott Cover

Very creepy, very thorough, very Swedish.

Riverdale Cover 05

Every town has its own house on haunted hill…

Riverdale Cover 04

At the late-night double-feature picture show...

Riverdale Cover 03

Did someone order a sticky maple?

Riverdale Cover 02

In her second week in Riverdale, Ali finds more teen drama than she wanted.

Riverdale Cover 01

You won’t see Keanu Reeves at this Rivers Edge.

Santa Clarita Diet Cover

The new hot diet everyone is dying to try.


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