Blood Fest Poster

After a couple years apart, three core Goblin members reunite to give it another go.

Blood Fest Poster

Richie gets involved with Ennio Morricon's Autopsy.

Blood Fest Poster

Waxworks Records compiled the most complete version of Goblin’s Dawn of the Dead pressed to wax. But is it too much?

Blood Fest Poster

Anthology is essential.

Blood Fest Poster

Two-and-half-years after the initial announcement, Waxworks delivers its promise of The Babadook OST. Was it worth the wait?

The Walking Dead Original Television Soundtrack Cover

Bear McCreary takes the best music from the series and compiles it to one record, proving that The Walking Dead is very much alive.

Christine Original Motion Picture Score Cover

When compared to John Carpenter's other works, Christine sometimes feels like a road trip with no destination.

Eraserhead David Lynch Alan R Splet Cover

The Sacred Bones reissue of David Lynch and Alan R. Splet's dark-ambient masterpiece is an essential purchase for fans of the genre.

Satanik Cover

The 1960s were loaded with fun records of exotica, space age pop, mambo, and lounge. This is not one of them.

Raw Ost Jim Williams Cover

Subtle, diverse, and rewarding; the score for Raw is something to devour.

Fire Walk With Me Angelo Badalamenti Cover

25 years later, Death-Waltz asks if the birds still sing a pretty song.

The Devils Candy Soundtrack Cover

The Devil's Candy is music that is hostile yet alluring, just like The Devil himself.

The Case Of The Scorpions Tale Cover

Music to murder to, The Case of the Scorpion’s Tail is classic Italian giallo.

Nightmare Vision Karate King Cover

Shades of John Carpenter and Goblin color this contemporary horror synth film score compilation by Karate King.

Stranger Things Volume 1 Cover

R.J. has two turntables and two volumes of the Stranger Things soundtrack.

Midnight Syndicate Christmas A Ghostly Gathering Cover

Midnight Syndicate ventures into the world of Christmas music, and horror fans are better off for it.

Monsters Of Legend Cover

Take a journey into the world of Midnight Syndicate with Monsters of Legend, their best release yet.

Midnight Syndicate Carnival Arcane Cover

Pay a visit to a twisted circus with Midnight Syndicate's Carnival Arcane.


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