The Basement Poster

You may as well get comfy with reverse psychology and multiple personalities in The Basement. You’re not going anywhere!

Ghost Stories Blu Ray Poster

Want to hear something really scary?

Sick For Toys Cover

Get some eggnog and unwrap a disturbing Christmas treasure that’ll make damn sure you never look at family the same way again.

Trench 11 Poster

The horrors of WWI trench warfare with wormy body horror AND a message from a David Cronenberg prodigy? You should be excited!

Mara Cover

Classic horror roots meet horror’s freakiest monster actor in a slow-burn gem!

To Hell And Back The Kane Hodder Story Poster

It’s Kane Hodder. What’s not to love?

Incident In A Ghostland Cover

Martyrs director Pascal Laugier makes his much anticipated return to the home invasion sub-genre..

Black Site Small

50% John Carpenter cool, 30% Hannibal cool, 20% The Raid cool, Black Site's genre-blurring formula is one for '80s lovers.

Frankensteins Creature Poster

A new take on an old story...

The Dark Small

About a flesh-eating undead ghoul and her relationship with a young blind boy, The Dark is one of the most humane and heart-rending horrors of the year.

The Witch In The Window Small

Everyone loves a creepy old lady.

Secret Santa Small

Christmas with the family can be murder.

Wolfmans Got Nards Small

Hey, you remember Monster Squad?

What Keeps You Alive Poster

With an unsettling atmosphere, plenty of blood, and great performances, What Keeps You Alive gives fans of indie horror something to celebrate.

The Night Sitter Poster

A con artist poses as a babysitter to steal from a wealthy occult enthusiast. Silly girl.

Videoman Small

Hey, y'all got any more of those Zombie VHS tapes?

Terrified Aterrados Small

From Frightfest 2018, Joanna K. Neilson reviews Terrified (aka Aterrados)

Ghost Mask Scar Poster

Ghost Mask: Scar proves beauty runs more than skin deep.

Hes Out There Small

He's out there. Don't let him in.

Luciferina Poster

A convoluted plotline but a visually arresting film, Ren reviews Luciferina.


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